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Yunnan Serve Hemp Technology Co.,Ltd. Specialized in bulk supply of industrial hemp extracts and technical services.

The company’s institutional shareholders include Yunnan Intehemp Investment Inc, Wuhan Thalys Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai listed company, stock code 603716), Beijing Chongde Hemp Investment Management Center (limited partnership), Henan Goldoctor Seeds Co., Ltd. (New Third Board Company, stock code 838549).

The company’s team has long been engaged in the technology research and development, sales and services providing for the cultivation of industrial hemp and its products production, the relating equipment research and development and sales, the products inspection and testing, processing and production, providing a series of products production technology and industrial engineering technology for international and domestic industrial hemp enterprises.

The technical services include: industrial hemp industry development services (industry control, technology and industry development), industrial hemp extract related equipment and technical services, industrial hemp inspection and testing services, industrial hemp pharmaceutical ingredients products, and other OEM services(cosmetics, pet products, electronic cigarettes and packaging, customized pharmaceutical services, and etc.)

Product & Services

CBD Project

  • CBD raw materials and related products sales
  • CBD high purity products(crystals, preparations)
  • CBD ELectronic Cigarette Oil
  • CBD Pharmaceutical Products(Co-operating)
  • Other Cannabinoids customized production: According to customers's needs, we can produce other high-content cannabinoids, such as CBG and etc.
  • Sale of standard and reference substances of cannabinoids and related substances(for residue detection and quality control).

Inspection and Testing

  • industrial hemp industry inspection and quality control technology service provider
  • Third party inspection and testing platform technical service provider
  • Through the international joint laboratory and the standard inspection and testing quality control system, we help customers to establish the sales and cirulation channel. Meanwhile, we ensure the safety and smoothness of customers' business promotion by complying with national drug control regulations.

Technical Service

  • Industrial hemp extraction equipment and related technical services
  • Industrial hemp industry related equipment and technical services
  • Industrial hemp seed industry development and planting related technologies and services
  • Industrial hemp industry planning and project planning services

New Product Development and OEM

  • Provide customized products and services(including R&D) to meet customer needs, assist customers in standard and quality control system construction

CBD isolated(crystal)、Full spectrum oil、broad-spectrum oil

Pure CBD isolated oil

CBD condense oil、CBD e-liquid oil、etc.

CBD Food

CBD Chocolate、CBD candy、CBD cake、etc.

CBD cosmetic

CBD facial mask、CBD lotion、CBD cream、etc.

CBD electronic atomizer

CBD medical electronic atomizer、CBD electronic energy bar、etc.

CBD beverage

Cannabis coffee、Cannabis alcohol、Cannabis milk、etc.

Hemp seed

Hemp seed oil

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